Karen is My Name

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Join a Group for Women Named Karen!

Being with other women named Karen makes it easier to deal with this ugly name shame fad.

More Writers Against the “Karen” Name-shame Fad

Writers who are not named Karen speak out against the “Karen” craze.

Karen Jokes May be Evidence of a Hostile Work Environment

An Illinois law firm provides good reasons to keep “Karen jokes” out of the workplace.

California Law Firm Warns of Dangers of the “Karen” Meme

Persuasive reasons for employers to keep “Karen” memes out of the workplace.

Under Australian Law, Calling Someone “a Karen” Could Get You Sued

Using “Karen” as an insult could be considered defamatory.

Email from the CEO of Penzey’s: “Choose Love for all the Karens, too. Be Kind!”

Bill Penzey emails Penzey’s subscribers in response to a plea from a woman named Karen.