Karen is My Name

Join a Group for Women Named Karen!

There are now online support groups for women named Karen. The largest has 1700 members; others tend to have about 100-200 members each. All groups that we know of are open to anyone named Karen regardless of spelling—Karyn, Karin, Karan, Caron, etc. are all welcome. Women named Karen who have felt compelled to change their name can still join, whether they’ve only changed their screen name or gone for full legal name change—we’re all still Karen on the inside, and a name change doesn’t necessarily stop the pain; in fact, it can cause painful issues of its own.

To avoid flooding the groups with applications from “trolls,” we are not posting the direct links to these groups, but please just use the Email Us button (at the bottom of the screen) to make an inquiry. And if you have another support group for women named Karen that we should know about, please get in touch!

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