Karen is My Name

More Writers Against the “Karen” Name-shame Fad

One of the most surreal parts of the “Karen” name-shame fad is the gaslighting: much of the mainstream media writing as if turning the personal name of millions of people into a badge of shame were a perfectly normal thing to do. But there are many people who see the problem and have spoken out against it. Here are links to some published articles and opinion pieces by people who are not named Karen but who have additional perspectives on why Karen-shaming and other kinds of name-abuse are wrong.

Sorry Karen and Kevin, you did nothing wrong; go reclaim your names The first media piece to point out the real problem of name-shaming. Quotes real Karens and Kevins and a clinical psychologist about the profound impact of name-shaming.

The Mythology of Karen Excellent analysis of the problems with name-shaming “Karen” other than the impacts on women actually named Karen (who are not mentioned)

No, you don’t know Karen Calling women “Karens” promotes a mob mentality. “Don’t rely on labels, however fun, that dehumanize to invoke a host of negative stereotypes.”

Karen Meme is All About Silencing Women “So, what’s wrong with Karen? Karen doesn’t know her place. She speaks up. Karen wants to see the manager when she’s overcharged or gets garbage service. She expects you to follow the rules, too.”

Why I don’t call other women “Karen” (unless that’s their name) “If we don’t respect each other enough to call each other the right thing and refrain from stooping to stereotypes and memes, it’s possible we have already lost the battle.”

Karen has unfairly become an insult “I’ve never met a Karen I didn’t like.”

In Defense of Karens “There are basically no lengths that either the Boomers, or the Millennials, won’t go to if it affords them a moment of moral preening. Even if it’s as dopey as trying to malign a million or so women who happen to have been named “Karen” by their parents.”

My Name is Now an Insult  Reflections by a father on what is wrong with the “Karen” fad and other name-slams. “We need to pray that we can see things as they really are and not resort to immature ramblings, name calling and hateful speech.”

Stop Making My Daughter’s Name a Meme Real Karens who are hurt by the name-shaming include young girls.

It’s Time to Drop the Karen Stereotype Not a critique of name-shaming per se but a critique of the way that the “Karen” insult is used to shame and silence women over 40.

The Danger of the Term “Karen”  “‘Karen’ is no longer a joke but a threat towards womxn everywhere.”

It’s Time to Give Karen a Break Another man speaks up for women named Karen who are being unfairly stereotyped.


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